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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Dragon Magazine - Turning Back the Clock

As part of my recent, unapologetic conversion to "old school", mostly classic D&D and AD&D 1st edition, I decided I should try and absorb as much literature of the era as possible. Consider this: one can only appreciate the greatest books or movies by putting them in their proper chronological context. Granted, this isn't strictly necessary, but I'm that kind of guy. Curiosity got the best of me. And part of the history of this game is, undoubtedly, the Dragon magazine, published in paper form since 1976 until a few years back when Wizards of the Coast decided it should turn the magazine to electronic format only.

I admit that reading the Dragon magazine is, in no way, necessary to understand AD&D or even enjoying the game, but both are inextricably associated even if in reputation. I also admit that it's part curiosity and a desire to tread a path I never took in my early days as a gamer. To this end, I managed to acquire the entire first 250 issues in electronic format. Ironic, considering that it was first in printed form and there was some consternation and divided opinions when WotC decided to go the electronic way. I'll post my impressions as I read the articles. I don't intend to read them all, because some are wargaming-related, but I believe I'll find some inspiration for my own campaign as many gamers did before me.

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Hedgehobbit said...

You should start with the 6 or so Strategic Reviews that are also on that dragons set.